Hi there!

My name is Thomas, and I #%&ing love coffee!


Also; I am a UI/UX designer and a full-stack developer, with a strong focus on RWD

Some time ago I built eject.io because I needed a reason to teach myself how to Sketch


This lead me to create a few device & app design mockups, which I released for free on Github

I enjoy exploring how far you can push the envelope in modern day web design, which is very much expressed in the creation of this site  

This site is…

13 kb (gzipped) in size – total. It consists of one single file without any external references. All assets are compiled into the source and in turn served with the HTML in one single request.

Built on top of Bootstrap 4, using Gulp, SCSS to eleviate headaches, and all graphical assets are SVG.

Available licence-free. Grab the the source off Github, and take it for a spin if you'd like.